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Teaching of foreign languages

Teaching of foreign languages

At all times a person with a good command of foreign languages was considered as not only well-educated but also fully developed personality, therefore a knowledge of at least one foreign language will not be superfluous in out time too...

"Mariam Travel" provides high-quality English and Spanish language teaching, offering students the most effective modern methods. For example, the communicative approach focuses not so much on the grammatical correctness of the construction of various language structures (although to the study of grammar is also paid a great attention) but rather on the ability to read and understand texts of different types and nature, the ability to keep the conversation going, constantly practicing and developing aсquired knowledge. But the application of the method of Schechter, that is emotional and semantic approach in foreign language training, the basis is a game or an interactive form of presenting the information, thanks to which you certainly will not be bored, though you can not be lazy too because the control is very strict that you definitely benefit from it. So the task of a good, high qualified teacher (read about me) is to be able to correctly apply and harmoniously combine the various teaching methods, developing oral and written skills of foreign language of the students, thus teach them to construct sentences in a gramatically right way and clearly express their thoughts, to hold private and business correspondence, to understand readily a foreign language by ear, all the time expanding their vocabulary, also to know, appreciate and accept the cultural characteristics of the people whose language they are studying. Attending my language online courses, you can not just read and write in a foreign language, you will learn to easily communicate in it. Your tongue will "loosen" very fast and you almost don't notice how fluently you speak using simple, affordable, and the most important, easy to remember verbal cliches (special speech formulas). It is also important to learn how to pronounce beautifully the sounds of a foreign language that's why I give high priority to the elaboration of a correct, authentic pronunciation of my students. In my small groups there are mostly from 2 to 7 persons which allows to give a full attention and a special individual approach to each student. Having long successful experience, positive feedbacks and recommendations, continuous improvement of the manner of presentation, I use only the best tutorials of foreign and domestic authors as well as other new additional aids. I guarantee that choosing the certain specially prepared training program you definitely will be able to communicate with native speakers in different areas of daily and business life. And in turn I promise that in such a hard affair as learning foreign languages I will always be not only your teacher but also your reliable helper and good friend...

Let's not waste time, let's immediately start learning foreign languages!!!

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