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Welcome to my site!

My name is Maria Karpliuk, I am professional guide-interpreter, philologist, translator and teacher of Spanish, English, German as well as travel agent. Since my childhood I dreamed of being translator, this profession attracted me much. I always admired those rare, talented translators with an excellent sense of humor and tact, they were the example for me to follow them. After all, the ability to not only translate in a right way, but also what is called "to read between the lines", to be a delicate psychologist and diplomat, is not given to everyone... In 2003 I graduated from the Kiev National Linguistic University, the Department of Spanish (where I studied English and German too), in 2004 I obtained a certificate of guide-interpreter at the courses of the State Tourism Administration of Ukraine and began to improve myself continuously, overcoming the unavoidable difficulties of life and gaining a valuable experience. This my long successful experience, numerous thankful comments from my tourists and clients, a work as an interpreter-assistant at the various events (press conferences, on the occasion of visits of the official delegations, sport competitions (including the Euro Cup of Football 2012), negotiations, presentations, exhibitions, private meetings), a work as a translator of the texts of diverse subjects and any level of complexity, as a guide-interpreter and organizer of my author's tours, the certain experience as a teacher, recognition of my colleagues and competitors, so all this gave me the idea of creating my own project.

"Mariam Travel" is focused on the reception and service of foreign tourists in Ukraine, provision of a wide range travel and translation services, effective online teaching of foreign languages, seasonal rental/purchase of apartments and villas in Spain.

My mission as a guide — to discover Ukraine to the foreign visitors, to acquaint them with the rich history, culture and traditions of our people and to create a positive image of Ukraine, to develop domestic tourism, to make Ukrainians "fall in love" with Ukraine more and more, giving them an opportunity to take a new look at their native country.

My mission as a translator and teacher — to facilitate communication between the people of different nationalities, cultures and religions, to teach them not only to understand other language and speak it fluently, but also to unite them, creating an atmosphere of friendship, goodness, mutual respect and peace.

My mission as a master of travelling — to help people to realize their wishes, to satisfy their aspiration to the something unknown, to give them unforgettable impressions, providing maximum comfort and safety, surrounding with care and attention at the same time.

"Mariam Travel"  — there are very interesting and deeply informative general and thematic tours and excursions to Kiev and all over Ukraine, for individuals and groups, fascinating tours through Ukraine, weekend tours, special promotional offers, intensive online teaching of Spanish "Spanish for You!", high-quality translation and interpreting from/into foreign languages (as well as editing and notary certification), the best properties for rent/purchase in Spain.

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